Common Enemies

This is not about two parties who find that they have a single enemy in common.  It is about a besieged single party who finds that his many enemies are actually only one.

It is a stroke of genius of the modern anticulture to appear on multiple fronts, so that normal society is forced into multiple losing engagements.  The anticulture only appears to divide its forces while forcing the culture to actually divide in response.  That’s smart stuff right there

Much of the anticulture, labelled the left, is concerned with what it calls intersectional politics, which is the buzzword 2.0 version of identity politics.  At any rate, it divides the population as a whole into stripes, which can then be pitted against each other (the identity focus), or combined into controllable sub-populations where two or more stripes intersect.

Yet these apparently numerous enemies of culture can be identified by their flawed diagnoses of what is wrong, their equally flawed descriptions of the ideal state, and their prescribed tactics to achieve such a state.  Those enemies who share common goals, desires, and tactics are not numerous — they are the same enemy.  What differs from apparent enemy to apparent enemy is only the set of falsehoods that lead the culture’s eye away from the real anticulture.  Fighting off the assault by transsexualist forces as such is bound to lose.  Instead the transsexualists, like any anticulture force, muct be fought as anticulture, not as transsexuals.  Nobody cares about trannies, for the most part, and to the extent that anybody does, it is probably sympathy for such a sad deluded creature.

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