Against a Guest Worker Program

There are many fine arguments for and against a guest worker program, but the whole thing should be a non-starter. Not only is it unconstitutional, it is clearly at odds with every legislative advance made in the rights of Man since… Magna Carta?

It’s bad enough on its face, but consider the implications for the future. Those like me —  who see the dark hand of communism not behind every mishap, but certainly hovering somewhere nearby, ready to capitalize (if you will) on America’s every mistake — will feel a particular threat from a guest worker program.  As Marxism is fueled by dissatisfaction and steered by class struggle, we could hardly invite revolutionary agitation any more efficiently than by creating a dissatisfied underclass in this land of plenty.  And as always, not even one of the underclass would benefit from the destruction of our system. Only the cause itself, communism, would.

It is absolutely true that there are honest people willing to come to America and work hard, and thereby share in the blessings that America has to offer.  Let us not short-change them, ourselves, or the country itself. Let them be legal citizens — let them become citizens the right way.

I get the feeling that nobody on the right is even checking to see if a proposal is conservative or not. A guest worker program can be justified on either of two grounds — that the “guest” workers need it, or that America needs it. If America needs it, then we are in grave trouble.

America is a system of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Those whom the government is of, by, and for should be the same people in all cases.  The most basic principle on which America was founded, and to which it is committed, is that one group of people should not rule over another.

Now if we can create by law a new class of people within our borders who are protected by and subject to our laws, but who are neither allowed nor invited to create those laws, how can this be squared with our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, or with the bloody wars we fought to establish and defend the basic principle?  Could we invite a righteous revolution any more directly?  And shall those workers within our borders who have no representation be subject to American taxation?

There is nothing conservative about a guest worker program. Come to think about it, there is nothing liberal about it either.

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