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Outstanding moral clarification of what is at stake, and what has already been lost in America’s betrayal of Guangcheng.

Whatever fate awaits pro-life activist Chen Guangcheng, we know two things for sure: The Chinese tyrants will continue to force women to kill their wanted children.

And President Barack Obama, who has ramped up the campaign fiction that Republicans have declared a “war on women,” will continue the detente with the real war on women, in Communist China, where real blood is being shed in a fanatical crusade against mothers and their children.

via Chen’s abortion message –

I am not a supporter of drug legalization, but this is the single-best argued position I have heard in favor of it.  That is because he is not talking about drugs per se, but about a whole raft of social ills including a great big taboo.  Take twenty minutes and truly enjoy a fresh take:

Over the weekend, the “Chronicle of Higher Education” cashiered a well-respected writer for daring to call out the nonsensical race-baiting campus grievance industry of “black studies” for what it is.  Cowards.

At first, the Chronicle stood its ground, suggesting that my post was an “invitation to debate.” But that stance lasted for little more than a weekend. In a note that reads like a confession at a re-education camp, the Chronicle’s editor, Liz McMillen announced her decision on Monday to fire me: “We’ve heard you,” she tells my critics. “And we have taken to heart what you said. We now agree that Ms. Riley’s blog posting did not meet The Chronicle’s basic editorial standards for reporting and fairness in opinion articles.”

When I asked Ms. McMillen whether the poem by fellow blogger Ms. Barreca, for instance, lived up to such standards, she said they were “reviewing” the other content on the site. So far, however, that blogger has not been fired. Other ad hominem attacks against me seem to have passed editorial muster as well.

via Naomi Schaefer Riley: The Academic Mob Rules –



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