Sep 29

Little Green Footballs (1 of 2)

It’s true; I flounced, came unglued, went ’round the bend, head exploded, one flaming right wing flapping madly through the inferno, propelling me in helpless circles before the… oh screw it, you can go to LGF for their version.  Here’s mine:

Two days ago, I was on a thread where somebody mentioned that the economy was doomed unless the democrats got the House back in 2012 or some such thing.  By the way, if this level of detail is not sufficient for you, you may want to simply stop reading now.  I am not going to reproduce what happened at LGF over here, as it can be found over there at LGF.  At least I think so.

So I disagreed, and in another post brought up the Contract with America, and made what I thought were a couple of points.  The only response I received was to be labelled a revisionist with a suggestion that I should go write for Fox News.  Nobody addressed the points, and when I pointed *that* out, I was treated to a display of my own petty snark (it’s true, I enjoy some snark), as if that rebutted any point I had on the table.

And this is where I figured I was probably done with LGF.  At some point, it had gone from a place where facts matter to one where smears outweigh facts.  Gone were the rabid right-wingers like me who at least were famous for a “fact-check your ass” FCYA approach to things, where “link, please” outnumbered “lol” ten-to-one.  In our empty chairs were the hive-mind body-snatchers that had taken over the place.  In the struggle between LGF traditions and the ugly cloud of slovenly habits which follows the left around like stink on a garbage truck, the stink had won.  At LGF, you can’t even disagree in a rational manner, as the

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Sep 29

Little Green Footballs (2 of 2)

For those who do not know, Little Green Footballs (LGF) is a forum blog run by Charles Johnson, and which was influential and well-respected.  I discovered it in the wake of that blog and Powerline Blog taking down Dan Rather for his flaming dishonesty in the Bush memo thing.  (MemoGate, RatherGate, FontGate, etc).   The Throbbing Memo is still an icon of web citizenry, and possibly the single most meaningful turning point in the shift in the media center of gravity from print and broadcast.  The MSM is still the dominant force, but they are no longer alone in the universe, and LGF was instrumental in making that a new reality.

LGF has changed from being mostly inhabited by center-to-rabid right-wingers (speaking!) to mostly inhabited by center-to-rabid left-wingers.  You can see how there could be some friction along the way.  So for quite a while now, I have not felt at home there like I used to, and I have mostly just stayed away, and here’s why:  I enjoyed my time there greatly, I benefitted from Charles’ hospitality, wherein he contributed much and asked for little.

Let me be the first to admit; I miss it.  I miss the old days, and while you can never go home again, you can still pull in a little afterglow, or just enjoy talking to old friends and even adversaries.  A few times, I popped in, typically found more argument than reminiscence, and found something else to do.   Life goes on, and at any rate, that’s Facebook’s business model.

Some of my old LGF friends, from back in the day, are in touch on Facebook, and many of them have moved on to other online communities.  It is a testament to the former influence and popularity of LGF that to this day, a prominent topic of conversation is “the old school”

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Sep 29

We Are Already Losing

China should be nowhere near as powerful as they are.  China remains a brutal, oppressive regime with hopelessly flawed economic system which is only made to work through force and the grace of foreigners.  We have been foremost among nations allowing China to escape the consequences of market forces, while harming ourselves.

America’s sound finances and secure future have been recklessly hazarded by a series of leaders who believed or did not sufficiently refute goofy Marxist and Keynesian economic theories.

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Sep 29

Obama: At the End, Bad for Government

Tea Party Phase II, coming to a Democratic Party near you.

Obama’s policies have been bad for business, bad for the economy, bad for allies, bad for America.   Interestingly, the one thing he cares about, government, is ultimately the most wounded by his combination of calculated malice and incalculable incompetence.  From NASA to the Federal Reserve (not technically a part of government, but might as well be), not one institution will be viewed in as positive a light at Obama’s departure as it was when he arrived.  He will take with him the notion that American government is competent or benevolent.

Small-government conservatives are not anarchists, and this is why we loathe Ron Paul’s kooky cult.  So it does not align…


Also, he is likely to produce a democrat Tea Party, which will likely have much in common with the Republican one.  Many democrats are now trapped into supporting the President in a similar fashion to the way conservatives were stuck with Bush while he spent like a democrat.  He was right on enough things that we dared not let him go.  I believe that President Obama is on a similar trajectory but with a rather more pronounced arc.  He who flies most quickly will make the biggest crater.

In his wake, President Obama will leave a sprawling, unmanaged, widely hated system of barely coordinated government agencies and bureaus, departments, forces, and so on.  When he at last departs, neither democrat nor republican will have much stomach for being shoved around by the Orwellian state.

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Sep 29

Marxissus Wept

or, Poor-Me-Theus Unsound

There’s been a lot of talk recently about the President’s Marxism heaving into view as if a pirate ship long-feared, sailing at last into view past the rocky headlands of polite discourse to the sheltered waters of our increasingly uneasy political hamlet. The President of the United States is surely not a Marxist, though, right? I mean, that’s just a bunch of overheated and frankly unfair rhetoric, taking advantage of unfavorable economic winds, to smear the good ship of State just because of the waters in which it finds itself, left there in turn by a rapacious predecessor. Tell the men in the tower to check again, and this time to bring their wives along, to straighten their addled heads. You know how men will talk.

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Sep 29

China Wins Two for the Price of One


Siebert said the failure to release F-16C/Ds will weaken Lockheed Martin’s plans to extend the production line for the fighter.

“While Congress has been notified of Oman and Iraq’s desire for F-16s, the Taiwan order for 66 aircraft is very important to the long-term viability of the F-16 production to include the U.S. Air Force, Lockheed Martin and the thousands of suppliers throughout the U.S.,” she said.
–From Defense News

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Sep 29

Autism/Asperger’s Clusters as a Fiction Component

According to the leading proponent of assortative mating, Simon Baron-Cohen, director of Cambridge University’s Autism Research Center (and cousin to the comedian Sasha Baron-Cohen), autism tends to run in families. While that’s not news — it’s been estimated that a family with one autistic child has a 1 in 20 risk of having a second autistic child — Baron-Cohen has expanded upon that theory to posit entire communities of people with some tendency toward autism or Asperger’s syndrome, a related disorder.

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Sep 29

Jack and the Boehnstalk

1. Is there an unspoken consensus among the leadership in Washington that things are about to get much worse?  It would answer some questions which I do not feel have been adequately answered yet, and I do not seem to be alone in this.

2. The rumor that those Senators and perhaps Representatives who voted against the recent bill will not be eligible to serve on the super-committee is disturbing.  There is an aspect to it that makes sense, as a whip device, but it doesn’t quite fit there.  it looks more like a weapon aimed at splitting or suppressing the Tea Party, in exactly the same way that Democrats use tax hikes to split or suppress the Republican Party.

Obviously, McConnell would like a unified front, but he knows he won’t get one.

If a Republican votes for a tax hike, that erodes support from the right.  This is why Democrats strive mightily to bring Republicans on board for even tiny tax hikes–it’s the weakness, not the expense, that dooms weak Republicans.  Similarly, if a Tea Party Republican votes for this awful bill, then the Tea Party will rightly savage that guy, and throw him in the same RINO bucket with the likes of Olympia Snowe, whom by the way we have to thank for ObamaCare (at one point, it was up to her, and she folded).

3. Boehner and McConnell seem to have negotiated with their democrat opponents while doing battle against their Tea party allies.  This is the same thing that happened during the budget/CR debacle, and I said so at the time.  And the first betrayal, the seating of big-spenders like sixteen-term Representative Hal “Prince of Pork” Rogers to important positions on committees that the GOP would be bit players on if not for the Tea Party.  Not only does the ideological stance of Rogers rankle, but the things he says about the Tea Party an about government spending are unacceptable. Hal Rogers story from 2008, just after named to chair approps

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