Sep 29

Articles: Publicly Funded Leftism on Community Television

By verbal slight of hand, “local” becomes a synonym for “national.” It’s a textbook case of the Gramsci/Alinsky strategy of “the long march through the institutions”: rather than violent revolution, the gradual co-option of societal institutions.

via Articles: Publicly Funded Leftism on Community Television.

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Sep 29


The American right, especially the Tea Party, is just as angry as the left ever was in their frothing and immature rages against the machine.  The difference is that the right knows when to shut up, for the most part, and the time for talking is past.  We have seen who will listen and who will not, and it has become perilously clear that the GOP leadership is not listening.  The time for voting comes next, and it comes with a warning.  If the GOP leadership does not manage to get untangled from Washington motivations long enough to defeat Obama and destroy or damage his anti-American program, they will leave their support out in the cold.  America is not a country where any sizeable section of the population takes real injustice sitting down, and if the ongoing Sovietization of the republic is not halted, there will be little left for which to remain civil.

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Sep 29

Fuku cooling storage

Here’s a bit more about the concept as I see it now.

In this scenario, the heavily contaminated water (W1) would be drawn (hot and contaminated) from the reactor to an evap unit where it can be flashed and quenched in a perverted sort of vacuum distillation. A critical point is that our input water is very hot, whereas in most evaps it is cold, requiring significant energy to maintain the process. It should be very easy to flash W1 directly into steam, and even more critically, the steam is mostly clean. A portion of W1 will flash to steam, and a portion of that will be drawn off for separate condensation as W2, and we have reduced the volume of W1 while increasing its concentration of contamination. We also must cool the remaining W1 before returning it to containment. We certainly

W2 should be considered mildly contaminated, which seems to be what the current decontamination equipment is capable of dealing with.

Typical well-engineered multi-stage evaps draw about 15% of input for condensation as output. We are going to engineer this poorly and quickly, focusing on bone-simple and robust reliability, and operator useability rather than efficiency. We’ll build more, quickly, and stack them up in the parking lot. Say we achieve only 5%. This means that we return only 95% of what we withdrew from containment.

This process cannot be continued indefinitely, as even with replacement coling water helping to dilute the concentration of contamination within the containment, I think it is safe to asume that the fuel in there will more than replenish the contamination of the water. After

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