The Storied Disappearance of the Tea Party

Remember the Tea Party people?  Wigs and Swastikas in 2010, I think that was their motto.  Every one of them was either an incompetent nutjob or a hardened master agitator, a bunch of little Eichmanns and a couple of Riefenstahls.

And who was that slutty stewardess they used to gape after, the one from Idaho?  Or Alaska?  Somewhere with wa-a-ay too many white people at any rate.  Gives you the shivers, doesn’t it?  Imagine the flat-out conflicted vanity required for somebody to be a mother and try to pull down a non-unionized federal job too.  Remember how she tried to get comics fired for impersonating her?  Anyway.  Way too much time spent on that old callused uterus.

It is well that the Lightworker vanquished them all.


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