Anti-Obama Tunisians Can Still Get Bent

a JDAM up your alley

It seems that some of Obama’s buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood or Salafist International or whatever particular head of the anti-American hydra this is have had enough of him and us and want to be left alone to lie  wretched in their squalor.  But if you go about calling the President of the United States an “ape”, you’ll get a JDAM up your alley, and I’ll sign it.  More on my take below the cut.  The Blaze has the story:

Tunisian Salafis (hardline Islamists) rallying beneath the flag of al-Qaeda and shouting in unison, “Obama!  Obama!  We are all Osama!”

“Let us all cry ‘Allah Akbar’ together!” a speaker cries to the roaring crowd, “so that Obama the ape can hear us!  All together now!”

The gripping report follows news of increasing violence in Tunisia by the hardline Islamists, though Tunisia was the first domino to fall in the so-called “Arab Spring.”On Saturday, Salafis wielding sabers and clubs reportedly terrorized at least one town by attacking the local police station and a number of liquor stores, before throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at the national security headquarters.
via ‘Obama, Obama, We are All Osama’: Thousands of Tunisian Islamists Warn the ‘Ape’ Obama of Their Plans | Video |

a real American President never bows

See, I hate Barack Obama.  Obama is  Communist, and I personally hate Communists.  Obama bows to foreign potentates, and I know that the American flag is never dipped first, and that a real American President never bows his head (and therefore ours) to any foreign power.  This impostor hates Britain, hates Israel, and most assuredly hates America.

we will take care of this, and need no help from terrorists

Yet.  My animosity to him still stops at the water’s edge.  There can be no other answer.  No right-thinking conservative will make common cause with foreigners to work against the American President.  Our faith in the Constitution and the people of the country mean that we will take care of this problem ourselves, and need no help from the genocidal terrorists with whom our President chooses to range himself, now that they have turned on him.

trash him from overseas at your peril

So up yours, Tunisian Salamists.  Screw you, Muslim Frotterhood.  Errorists, your game is through, for now you’ll have to answer to: the guy who replaces Obama’s sorry ass.  But he’s still the American President.  Until then, you trash him from overseas at your peril.


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