Tea Party Surging

What? Didn’t we just get pwned by the forces of RINO? You know, like this?

Yep that's pretty much how it went down this year

We ran a crowd, a series, a gang of starch-collared, rock-ribbed, steely-eyed welfare-killing deficit slashing conservatives against the RINO Death Star and still Mitt R-Money came and shellacked us all. Vanquished, slain, defeated, Woe Is We, the sky is falling, stay home this year and all that. That’s right, we’d be better off simply sitting at home and waiting for the taxes to go up and the lights to go out. That will show them!

You’re angry and you should be

Nonsense. Consider this year’s election without the Tea Party. Imagine a primary composed of Romney, Daniels, Pawlenty, and Huntsman. Romney would be the nominee. Even with the Tea Party candidates, Bachmann, Cain, Perry, Santorum, and Gingrich, they would be insignificant without the Tea Party base, and Romney would be the nominee. And only Bachmann (and maybe Cain) would even have gotten the first few debate invitations. It is important to realize that the debate schedule and the prolonged series of primaries (thank you 2010 RNC reform) would still have been a farcical exercise if not for the thunderous applause, the editorial mayhem, and the primary conquering force of Tea Party fury. You’re angry and you should be. But here’s the secret–your anger has worked far better than you know.

a tactical defeat, not a strategic one

Now we can’t claim some great victory based on the fact that our candidates are gone and the RINO is the guy. I am not an expert, but in some technical circles, I believe that is called “defeat”. But it is important to know what kind of defeat it is, and it is a tactical defeat, not a strategic one. Note: this only matters if you have a strategy, and I do.

Tea Party Strategy 2012

The Tea Party strategy must be to take over the GOP from the inside. In order to do that, we must accept a couple of things: It is not going to happen quickly, limited victories are forward motion, impatience will get us defeat, and a third party run will get us destroyed.


Senate within striking distance

Large victories are impressive but fleeting, and must be renewed each time. There is undeniable value in having seized the House and very nearly regained the Senate in 2010. The House obviously served as a bulwark against the Obama administration’s designs (when we could get the damned House to act conservative), and the Senate is now within striking distance of flipping from Democrat control.

More on this soon.  Keep the faith, and be of good cheer.  We are winning, after all.

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One thought on “Tea Party Surging

  1. Romney…not so bad….he will surprise you…he is a thinking man who KNOWS business..and has Donald “tea Party” Trumps ear Romney will have a house and senate full of republicans…He does what he thinks will win…I trust him to deal with Russians, Iranians,Chinks,Japs ,French,Cubans and Germans…I trust him on taxes, on health care YES HEALTH CARE…Obummer is NOT Romney Care nor will Romny Care ever be the law of the land and Mitt knows it. I trust him on creating jobs, on oil exploration and on doing what’s right VOTE FOR ROMNY the alternaltive is unacceptible

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