Kick Six

Tea Party People; let’s kick some ass.

Pick six RINO Representatives to defeat in the general.  Direct effects:

  • Demonstrate Tea Party
    • vigilance
    • ability
    • willingness
    • selectivity
  • Punish Establishment
    • subversion of primaries
    • disparagement of conservatism
    • politics over principle

Why six from the House?  Indirect effects:

  • avoid 3rd party intrigue in presidential race
  • avoid just missing a majority in the Senate
  • avoid an unfocused, destructive vengeance in the House

I intend for my list to be five Representatives,  plus the sixteen-term current chair of House Appropriations Committee Hal “Prince of Pork” Rogers, who has been on my defeat list for two years.

This plan is an expansion of the excellent idea laid out by the Rockford, IL Tea Party.  Defeat the following six Establishment darlings, in the House, where it hurts the GOP without handing anything to the Dems.

  • Hal Rogers
  • Adam Kinzinger
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • ?



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