Tea Party Targets RINOs

Okay, Tea Party People, if you were ever tempted to spike an election to make a point, this should be right up your alley.  Drop RINO Kinzinger to punish Cantor for subverting primaries.

Let me start by saying that we are likely to gain seats in the House.  At any rate, with a 100+ margin, we are completely unlikely to lose control of the House, or even come close.  Nothing is guaranteed, and here is where we make a little risk decision: we cut loose the top five or so RINO representatives.  Let them fail.  And by “top”, I mean those whose existence involves GOP meddling or treachery.  Oh, and Hal Rogers.

Here’s a fascinating bit of strategery for the 16th Congressional District of Illinois (IL-16), in which Cantor intervened to support a vanilla freshman against a conservative incumbent last time around.  It made all the headlines.  Well now it’s payback time, and since Cantor’s group “Young Guns Network” is now actively subverting the GOP primary by sending out mailers asking Democrats to vote for the RINO,  this looks like a very good place to start.

  • Drop Kinzinger
  • Enforce Tea Party Discipline on the GOP
  • Punish Cantor
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