Government-Managed Media Nothing New

What bothers me is not that “clean-room” procedures will actually be followed, since they are claimed. What bothers me is the justification for “early access” to begin with:

“For years, journalists participating in the lockups have shown up at DOL at the appointed time, then entered a limited-access area to receive the new data and prepare news stories for release as soon as official embargoes end.

The system insures that major news organizations get the data as soon as possible and allows journalists covering the release get a jump on providing analyses and opinion about the data.”

Washington Examiner, 13 April 2012

Why do they need “a jump” on anything? This is as hostile to the general public as the infamous Japanese Press Club. Let them find out the old-fashioned way: by doing their own research, and working like dogs when the deadlines are up. Why are we wasting taxpayer dollars to spoon-feed a limited number of people data which belongs to the public?

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