The Dirt on Romney

The GOP is throwing it all away.  I am a die-hard Newt guy not because I have always liked him for the job (I didn’t, and said so all over this blog), but because Romney is just a bunch of McCain/GOP fail.  This sack of Establishment fertilizer will lose.

his illegitimate offspring, RomneyCare

In the very first GOP debate, Mitt Romney showed why he cannot defeat Obama.  All he needed to do was cast off his illegitimate offspring, RomneyCare.  ”I have already implemented your program, and ten years down the road, I can tell you–it simply does not work.”  How hard would that have been?

Instead, he chose to stand on the fact that the states can and should do a great many things that the federal government should not.  It’s just a plank and it’s a good one, but not enough to make a platform.  He has been either defending or avoiding that core failure ever since.

We deserve a Tea Party Candidate

His defense of RomneyCare is partly rooted in a genuine belief, and partly from the timid foot-dragging and risk aversion which plagues the GOP.  Crap like this is why we have a Tea Party.  We deserve a Tea Party Candidate.  I don’t want a candidate who runs due to some perverse sense of duty, or whatever it is that semi-animates these zombie candidates with coiffed hair and fake smiles.

Newt Gingrich has been taking it to Obama while Romney has been sandbagging conservatives

I’m not overly concerned with style, but I do believe that if you are truly fired up about your ideas, and possess the stones that it’s going to take to prevail against Washington’s Wall of Socialism, then it will show not only in the things you say, but in the way you speak.  Newt Gingrich has been taking it to Obama while Romney has been sandbagging conservatives, in order to secure a a RINO candidacy.

I could have supported Romney this time around, except that he has demonstrated his complete lack of ability to get it right this year.  We now face a radically different set of problems than we did in 2008, so don’t sell me the old stuff.  It’s not working, and as a phenomenally successful businessman, Mitt Romney should understand that.

has not faced the Democrat machine

The fact is that if he is the nominee, the dirt on Romney will not be public until the general election.  For all his busy busy schedule, he has been facing Republicans.  He has not faced the Democrat machine in over a decade, and he will be blown away by it.

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