Supreme Court On Trial

This pivotal case before the Supreme Court is a bridgehead for a conservative restoration of government.  Our government is required by law to be run according to the Constitution, not according to the counter-Constitutional wishes and dreams of progressive Supreme Court Justices.  The question is, upon which shore will this bridgehead be located?

  • If ObamaCare is upheld, then the Supreme Court demonstrates itself sufficiently unmoored by generations of complicated precedent from the plain meaning of the Constitution that it no longer has the moral authority to interpret the document.
  • If ObamaCare is struck (stricken?) down by the Court, then the full function and trend of the government stands accused of the same problem, but by the Supreme Court rather than just by the supposed “rabble” of the Tea Party.
  • And if the Court punts by blasting the mandate and remanding the rest to Congress for fixing up, then the Court demonstrates itself unwilling to say what it thinks, which is a dereliction of its proper role.

The Supreme Court then can be seen to have three options:

  • Debase the Constitution
  • Defend the Constitution
  • Defer the Question

The Tea Party is watching.

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