How to Obama

This stuff is child’s play when your opponents are children.

Announce outrageous power-grab with vocal minority support.

  • This will arouse powerful and justified opposition.

Amid furor, weakly defend worst part of it.

  • This will focus opposition on an easy win for them.

Announce that the worst part will be withdrawn.

  • This will energize your friends and placate your opponents.

Resume the bad parts but in different phrasing.

  • You now have a free hand because the tension surrounding the issue has been discharged, and those who rightfully point out what you are doing will be dismissed as unreasonable.

The key is to keep several of these processes in motion at all times; long and short, big and small, trivial and momentous.  It creates a sea of activity in which your opponents always have something to attack you about, be right, and win, yet they never stop you from getting your way.

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