The End of Santorum

I don’t know how long former Senator Rick Santorum will hold out in the Republican primary race, but he has had his peak and will not recover.  He may do well here and there, but he is already out of money.  Much of his recent surge was a by-product of Newt’s spending on Romney ads.  Santorum’s Florida options have been described elsewhere as either spending what’s left or accepting failure.

Pundits like Hugh Hewitt have no doubt realized that Newt’s sustained rise in polling is not a fluke and not about to turn around.  It’s why he and his sort have been so stunningly petty in recent days. Mistaking recent swings for meaningful reversals is the gambler’s mistake–the opposite of the investment mindset. Of course, when the GOP establishment wishes to portray it as such, it can be difficult.

So far so good. Steady as she goes.

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