Harshing the Congressional Buzz

I might be more inclined to believe the GOP’s claim to be waiting for the cavalry before taking on the enemy if they didn’t have all their guns aimed at the cavalry.  If you understood that right off, you are Tea Party.

Boehner has been negotiating with his enemy while fighting against his allies. He is one of those who faults the Tea Party for not recapturing the Senate as if that were in a different universe than the six seats gained there (it wasn’t the Tea Party that put us down to 39 F’n seats!) and sixty or so picked up in the House.

The recent history of the national electoral landscape looks like this: the GOP lost in 2006 and 2008. The Tea Party won in 2010, did not go 3rd Party, and has worked in good faith with the GOP.   And we have been betrayed.

We did, after all, rescue a zombie party and deliver a landslide victory. Boehner went after the Tea Party a couple of times, and frankly, since the appointment of Hal “Prince of Pork” Rogers as House Approps Chair, I have been saying that either Rogers or Boehner needed to go.

all we ever hear from the Republican establishment is “let’s don’t fight this one either”

We have almost no friends in DC whom we did not put there as freshmen, and since cooperation is no longer an option, we will have to co-opt them.   Boehner and McConnell made flowery speeches right after the election. By the time they took their seats, that was gone.  We have been rope-a-doped by the GOP into not fighting the budget, not fighting the Continuing Resolutions, not fighting the debt limit, not fighting the SuperCommittee, and all we ever hear from the Republican establishment is “let’s don’t fight this one either”.  We are sick and tired of the defeat-centered McClellan Republicans.

The Tea Party does have some pretty sketchy fringes, including a whole flaming lace tablecloth made of Ron Paul kooks.  If the “leadership” had demonstrated some leadership, they could have defused many of the bombs and received support instead of criticism.  Real leaders would have dealt well with this, could have contributed greatly not only to bridging some gaps between the cathedral and the bazaar, and in helping to separate those who are sane from the Paulistas.

The people we sent there should have sorted the wheat from the chaff.  I have no problem with cutting off Ron Paul and his kooks at the knees (which the GOP has famously failed to do). Rather, I feel that Ron Paul’s kook support is at least half due to people who in 2010 were reasonable conservatives, and a lot of people may stay home again like 2006 and 2008.

They have themselves, not us, to thank for conservatives hemorrhaging into the kook camps and third-party zone. It doesn’t make the kooks right and it doesn’t make a third party a good idea, but when you backhand your own support, don’t be surprised when they go somewhere else.  They took us for fools and now we will all pay the price.

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