O Glorious Workaround!

This blog seems to be up and running again!  Links are working!  Everything is working.

One of the valuable things I am taking from ITIL training is the confidence to STOP tinkering with things.  I have developed a workaround for this issue: category links were not working, and now they are.  Now it has cost me my preferred URL style, but that;s fine.  That;s not my problem, although “problem” is the key word.

In ITIL, Incident Management is exclusively focused on restoring a service, whereas Problem Management is focused on understanding root causes and preventing repeated or similar occurrences through permanent changes (or deciding that the changes are not worth it).

I have done the Incident Management portion of this, and I figure that the problem management portion lies with WordPress themselves.  Why?  Because I have seen other similar incidents reported with this recent upgrade to 3.2.1, and that was how I discovered the workaround.

So.  Incident Resolved, Problem reported, it’s time to stop futzing with it.


Well sort of.  Everything works internally, but URLs are different, which means that external links are now either broken or dump you at the front page.  I’m ruling this a new incident.

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