Join Us or Be Destroyed

The Tea Party says to the GOP Join Us or Be Destroyed.  That’s not a threat–we’re rescuing you again, if possible.  If not, well, the Tea Party will not perish with the GOP.  If we cannot save this party from itself and its mortal enemy, then we will simply take it over or die trying.  We are left with no alternative.  We sent an awesome weapon to Congress in the last election, and you are breaking it into pieces because you’re afraid it will do more damage to you than to the opposition.  Sowing the seeds of your own destruction, you refuse to even fire it.

We intend to put you into a leading position in both houses of Congress and the White House, and we demand that the power we give you be used to to roll back formerly creeping, now bounding Marxism burning through our society.  We are not dead and we are not sleeping.  Ignoring us or continuing to kick the can from lame duck session to budget fight, to debt ceiling fight, to Supercommittee, and then presumably to nowhere–this is NOT acceptable.

The Republicans and Democrats have a shared history of utter dominance in Congress by Democrats.  Old Democrats know how to wield power, whereas old Republicans know how to avoid responsibility.  Those are the survival skills that have evolved in different conditions.  We will not fight for majorities just so we can lose fights anyway.

You, the GOP’s own leadership, had once cast the party upon the ashheap of history, and having been snatched from it by the Tea Party, you now apparently pine for the fading warmth of the ashes.   If the GOP has become a death cult, we have no desire to join you in that.  The old leadership must go, and I do not care who replaces you.

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