Republicans Risk Third Party

God-Damned Idiots.

I cannot describe how angry I am at the clown-car Republican candidate debates, Chris Christie, Mitt Romney, the punditry, the establishment–yep, pretty much the whole lot of ’em.

I have always been hostile to a third-party gambit; I still am.  But the GOP seems hell-bent to have one.  Ever since the Tea Party behaved magnificently and returned the GOP to power in an historic crushing mid-term defeat of the Communists currently defiling our Capitol, the GOP has been absolutely set on destroying the morale of the organization which restored the spirit of the Republican Party.  Well, it’s not going to work.

If the RINOs insist on sabotaging the work of the Tea Party *to elect Republicans*, they will harm only themselves.  The Tea Party has never supported and will never support a Democrat, and of course will not accept spineless tax & spend Republicans.

After failing to defend Palin, which now is paying off in the string of candidates burning like a fuse down to Mitt Romney as the “inevitable” nominee, the #OWS crowds have presented the GOP with an opportunity to show solidarity with the Tea Party–to contrast the platforms, prescriptions, and conduct of the groups.  Instead, we get sons-of-bitches like Chris Christie expressing their sympathy for the commie footsloggers of #Occupy, and drawing close comparisons between the groups!

I’m not even going to describe the differences–where would I stop?  The only similarity is the most depressing thing I have realized since the election of Barack Obama:

The Republican establishment sees the Tea Party in the same way that we see #Occupy.  They always have, and that is why they cannot now see a difference.  It certainly clarifies their foot-dragging, defeat-mongering approach to every fight we’ve helped them to win.  Hank jr. was right that the sickening spectacle of Boehner playing golf with Obama was a betrayal of the Tea Party.  He consistently negotiates with his left while battling against the right, instead of the other way around.

In their defective, deficit-addled math, they cannot see the dozens of seats gained by the Tea Party, and focus instead on O’Donnell and Angle.  “The Tea Party cost us those two seats!” they shout, and scheme to prevent us from bringing any more conservatives to bear.

Unless the GOP has declared war on the Tea Party, some of its leading lights need to man up and apologize.  Otherwise, the GOP runs the risk of a split which could add nearly useless, tiny third party to our system–the Republican Party.

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One thought on “Republicans Risk Third Party

  1. Very well said, Haakon. I disagree on only one point : that a Third Party would necessarily be tiny and useless.

    Americans have not suffered enough yet, otherwise the very notion of another RINO nominee would send everyone screaming for their teapots. But they will…and when that happens, and if the GOP isn’t on board, we will see the Republican Party become irrelevant.

    What we need though is a Leader – Newt may very well end up as that focal person. And why not? He was after all the first.

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