Paul Ryan Not Running For President At This Juncture

[dc]I[/dc]t wouldn’t be prudent. Well, I suppose it was going to go this way anyway.

Brilliant conservative Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) told the Weekly Standard today that he has decided not to run for president this year.

via Rep. Paul Ryan Is Not Running For President | The Gateway Pundit.

I won’t feign surprise, and as much as I wanted him to run, I must confess that at least some of that was a poke in flaming lidless eye of Obama.  Beside that, however, an excellent National Review editorial had me leaning rather solidly into Candidate Ryan territory.

Republicans cannot afford to nominate anyone other than their best and brightest — and the best and brightest can’t afford to sit it out. The fate of Obamacare, and more broadly of limited government and liberty, too clearly hangs in the balance. Run, Ryan, Run – Jeffrey H. Anderson – National Review Online.

I found several points in the article had an impact on me, but they faded as I kept running up against the fact that he truly has not had executive experience, and as much as Obama has of course not had any (and none successfully to date), we cannot pick a Republican based on the lack of qualifications of Democrats.

Paul Ryan would be the best bet if we were actually willing to accept a single-issue Presidency. We are not, even if for no other reason than the multi-issue wreckage that Obama will leave behind him in 2012, when he is defeated by somebody other than the magnificent Paul Ryan.

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