Cantor to Tea Party: Shut Up and Spend

Cantor thinks we’re stupid.

To help reduce uncertainty, Cantor is moving to quell rank-and-file grumbling about 2012 spending and the supercommittee.

Cantor is also urging his members to support the deficit reduction supercommittee created by the debt deal, adding that the supercommittee must succeed in coming up with “at least” $1.5 trillion in deficit cuts, rather than allowing automatic cuts to be triggered.

This is profoundly disappointing, and a continuation of the Tea Party’s reasons to oppose this moronic supercommittee.  Don’t forget that the automatic cuts which are now used as a club to beat the Freshmen and Tea Party into line were brought into being by approving this awful committee as a Hail Mary around the ridiculous August 2 “deadline”.

This is just one more example of Cleavon Little holding a gun to his own head, fooling we the idiots into not angering him for the sake of the hostage.

The Republicans voided their bowels on the Tea Party to get the bill passed, and now as predicted, they use it as a weapon against us.  This is why I have cancelled my subscription to Hugh Hewitt (nice guy, good heart, but I don’t need to pay for RINO-ism), and stopped listening to Laura Ingraham.  Anybody who supported the bill is on the wrong side, either through near-sightedness or malice.

Cantor worries me.  Mostly I like him.  But this debt deal was was inexcusable, and now beating us with it is not going to help.

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