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Apr 15

Government-Managed Media Nothing New

What bothers me is not that “clean-room” procedures will actually be followed, since they are claimed. What bothers me is the justification for “early access” to begin with: “For years, journalists participating in the lockups have shown up at DOL … Read More

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Mar 31

Supreme Court On Trial

This pivotal case before the Supreme Court is a bridgehead for a conservative restoration of government.  Our government is required by law to be run according to the Constitution, not according to the counter-Constitutional wishes and dreams of progressive Supreme … Read More

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Jan 10

Draft: Against All Enemies: Domestic Enemy

If you, like I, have sworn an oath to support and defend the Constitution, now is a very good time to decide what that means for you. I have decided what it means for me.
A man who lays claim to bravery in risking his life for his country, but who will not risk his career for the same, is a coward and a liar. Read More

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